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Polyurethane is a polymer containing urethane groups (- NH-CO-O-) by the reaction of a polyol with an isocyanate. Can be Formulated over wide range of stiffness, hardness, and densities.

These materials include
 - Low-density flexible foam used in upholsteryand bedding.

 - Low-density rigid foam used for thermal insulation and RIM cores.
 - Soft solid elastomers used for gel pads and print rollers.

 - Hard solid plastics used as electronic instrument bezels and structural parts.

Properties Vs Applications

• Hardness
PU are available from <10 Shore A to above 85 Shore D.

• Abrasion Resistance
Excellent resistance to wear (both sliding and impact abrasion). Suitable for as solid tyres, scraper blades, mining screens, pump liners and impellors etc.

• Cut Resistance
Excellent cut resistance for belt scraper blades, mining screens, swarf skirts, concrete moulds, anvil rollers and fork truck wheels. suited to high load application areas such as rollers in the steel industry, fork lift truck tyres press tools etc.

• Oil and Chemical Resistance
Excellent resistance to fuel, oils, grease, and many solvents. suited to applications such as automotive (suspension bushes, engine mounts, hoses) steel and aluminium manufacture, coil / can coating and printing.A perfect solution for high-stress applications, such as load wheels, conveyors, and drive and idler pulleys.

PU rollers can carry up to four times more load than rubberindustry.

• Resilience
a broad range of rebound resilience especially important in suspension mounts and bump stops, and in the case of wheels (e.g. roller blades) to minimise the rolling resistance.

• Environmental Resistance
very good resistance to ozone and oxygen and general weathering, used as wringer rolls in the steel industry.

• Electrical Properties
the requirements of antistatic application areas (e.g. rollers processing plastic films) or to meet the demands of application where true conductivity is required (e.g. certain printing processes.

• Flex Resistance
Excellent flex resistance for use in application areas such as moulds in the ceramics industry.

• Temperature Resistance
chosen to operate at wide temperatures.

• Flame Retardancy
Flame retardant systems and additives to allow their use in application areas such coal mining.

Liquid polyurethane is used to produce custom shapes and rolls by casting the material into an open mold. This urethane manufacturing process offers several advantages over conventional molding methods.

Cast polyurethanes are elastomers and are created by the reaction of a prepolymer which contains reactive isocyanate groups and a curative which contains hydroxyl or amine groups. In their simplest form,

These two components, the prepolynner and curative are the only chemicals in the mix. The mixture is then poured into a heated mold where the components react to form a solid elastomeric piece.

Advantages of PU Casting
   • Broad Hardness Range
   • (5-95 Shore A)
   • Wide Color Selection
   • Low Tooling Cost
   • Ideal for Prototypes

   • Finish Applicator Rollers
   • Pinch Roller
   • Bridle Roller
   • Tension Roller
   • Steering Roller
   • Squeegee Roller
   • CGL Wringer Roller
   • CGL Chemical Coater Applicator Roller Feed Roller

Serving wide range of industries with varying applications:
   • Pipe coating industries
   • Metal coating industries
   • Steel companies, aluminum smelters
   • Coil coating companies
   • Printing industries
   • Defence Marine Aviation
   • Oil exploration companies, etc.

Pigs are used in oil and gas pipelines: they are used to clean the pipes but also t to measure things like pipe thickness along the pipeline. They usually do not interrupt production, though some product can be lost when the pig is extracted. They can also be used to separate different products in a multiproduct pipeline.

To ensure proper scrapping, cleaning and sealing operations the discs are made from high wear resistant polyurethane. These discs are capable of negotiating high-tight bends and long traverse runs.

   • Guiding discs
   • Sealing Discs
   • Spacer discs
   • Scrapper sheets
   • Scrapper cups
   • Polyutrethane conical Cups
   • Solid Cast pigs
   • Type-A Cups
   • PU pigs
   • PU foams

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