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Our value proposition to our clients is "to provide world class solutions in Rubber, TPE and Polyurethane technologies." We work across the full spectrum of the above technological processes and activities to bring in-depth technical skills and knowledge to bear on clients' needs and issues. This combination of technical skill and experience helps us to provide a valuable proposition.

Our approach to all client needs are rather intrinsic than compulsory. They are spun on a platform upon thorough knowledge and technical understanding of application environment. We understand each client's business needs and their individual business circumstances. Thus, we are able to tailor unique and the best solutions to our clients' needs thereby building a mutually beneficial relationships with our clients.

BRC is not just another rubber company; we believe in the power of innovation, and are committed to the exploration of new materials and manufacturing techniques that help us exceed the needs and expectations of our customers. BRC 's global partnerships keep the company competitive in today's market and at the forefront of international trends, products and processes.

As an organization, we are firmly committed to uniquely and innovatively meeting client's needs. Key to this assertion is the assurance of having a professional team with the right skill mix, whose experience and expertise encompasses a wide range of sectoral and technical disciplines, in project team composition and assignment execution. More than 95% of our functional Engineers are multi-skilled professionals as such are experienced in anticipating and responding to the unique and special developments affecting key markets and industries.

The strategic alliances with well known suppliers and advantages of modern production facilities enable BRC to provide superior quality products, innovative custom mad solutions and the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Each member of our professional staff has in-depth natior and international experiences from many years of workinc in major industries within their profession with an average industry experience of 10+ years. They are thus able to apply modern technologies and techniques to assignmen in emerging markets.

Our extensive and strong marketing network has played a substantial role in solidifying our position in the domestic well as the international market. Today our products read out to countries all over GCC and are also precisely distributed.

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