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TyrFil has been at the forefront of polyurethane (PU) puncture proofing technology since its invention in 1972. TyrFil replaces all the air inside pneumatic tyres, guaranteeing end-users of industrial and off-the-road vehicles a completely trouble-free operation.Since nearly all vehicles such as front end loaders, fork lifts, dump trucks, graders and other off-the-road vehicles operate on tires filled with air, tire problems are frequent.

liquid polyurethane is pumped into the tire through the valve system, replacing the air in any pneumatic tire. The result is a synthetic rubber core that will never go flat due to unequalled formulation process, tires run much smoother and cooler.

PU is pumped directly from a 25Kilo/Liter pail and is easily and quickly injected into the tyre.

You can seal tyre-punctures, caused by materials, up to a diameter of around10 mm.

Remove the valve core and reduce the tyre pressure down to less than 2.0 bar.

Connect the hose line to the valve and determine the quantity of sealing material required. Pull up the pump handle.

Push the pump handle down smoothly until it is firmly seated on the pump base (Repeat this process according to the quantity of product required).

Remove the hose line from the valve, clean the valve stem and screw in the valve core. Inflate the tyre to the recommended pressure. Roll the tyre/wheel assembly on completion injection process or just simply drive off.

1. Tyrfil acts as a permanent seal from the inside. Rim and bead air leaks are also practically eliminated.

2. Tyrfil stops the oxidation process in the inner lining of a tire, which is permeable to air and would lead to a permanent loss of air as well as premature tire failure.

3. Tyrfil is based on a liquid formulation of a suspension that contains a large proportion of uniform high-tech fibres and rubber particles.

4. Tyrfil reduces downtimes and thus operating costs that would be incurred by punctured tires and their repair.

Typical Equipment Use:
   • Access Platforms
   • Airbridges
   • Back Hoes
   • Container Handlers
   • Excavators
   • Fairground Equipment
   • Fork Lift Trucks
   • Front End Loaders
   • Landfill Equipment
   • Marine Hoists
   •  Mobile Cranes
   • Molten Slag Carriers
   • Rock Crushers
   • Scrapers
   • Skid-steer Machines
   • Straddle Carriers

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