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Since 1991

Bahrain Rubber Company (BRC) is one of the Major Rubber Companies in the GCC region for the manufacture of industrial Rubber and Polyurethane products. BRC has been creating Rubber and Polyurethane solutions for 25 years. Bahrain Rubber Company is an ISO 9001: 2015 compliant company established in 1991 with a mission to serve regional oil, gas, steel and construction sector .

BRC was honored with the prestigious Prime Minister's Award for Excellence in 1998. As experts in supplying rubber products to a host of manufacturing and industrial businesses throughout the Middle East,. BRC has built up an unparalleled portfolio of molded rubber, rubber lining, extrusion, polyurethane foam tyre filling and polyurethane casting products.

A Subsidiary of Haji Hassan Group, was Established in 1991, Bahrain Rubber Company (BRC) is one of the major rubber companies in the GCC region for the manufacture of industrial rubber and polyurethane products.

BRC is an approved vendor with major oil and gas companies in the GCC region including ARAMCO, SABIC, MARRAFIQ, SEECO, SWCC, SAUDI RAILWAYS, and BAPCO. The company is serving different industrial portfolios such as oil, aluminum, marine, petrol, chemical, glass, steel, pipe, civil, defense, and power.

Sectors We Cover

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

BRC has been a supplier for the sector of Oil and Gas industries for many years, gaining knowledge and experience of the specialized needs of the sectors over the years.


In maritime industry, the rubber properties used in the equipment is mainly to resist and prevent corrosion and as constructive material.


As for Construction Industry rubber in this case a specific type ‘Neoprene’ is compounded for specific properties, for example low temperature and compression


In the Machine industry, flexibility in products and solutions is fundamental in BRC, where customers specific needs is paving the way for solutions that will improve their own products and processes, optimizing their productivity and profitability.

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Flexible innovation

We use the best solutions to industries, and are participating in industrial problems solving to optimize production.

Years of Experience

Over the last 25 years BRC has built up an unparalleled experience in Rubber and Polyurethane products, pioneering the GCC Market.

Know How

Our Know-how knowledge with rubber and polyurethane ensures the quality of our product

Engaged employees

Our team of employees solves the task of empathy, pride and commitment

Our Process

We participate with companies to develop the idea of the product and anker the solution. The second step is to manufactur prototype (Rubber or Polyurethane) sample that fits the specifications and properties desired. Hereafter the sample goes through the quality check and from there to approval the larger production .

Product Consulting


Quality Check

Finished product

- The First Rubber Manufacturer in Bahrain -
Quality Award Winner



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Oil & Gas




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