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Bahrain Rubber Company (BRC) is one of the Major Rubber Companies in the GCC region for the manufacture of industrial rubber and polyurethane products. Bahrain Rubber Company is an ISO 9001: 2015 compliant company established in 1991 with a mission to serve regional oil, gas, steel and construction sector .

BRC was honored with the prestigious Prime Minister's Award for Excellence in 1998. As experts in supplying rubber products to a host of manufacturing and industrial businesses throughout the Middle East,. BRC has built up an unparalleled portfolio of molded rubber, rubber lining, extrusion, polyurethane foam tyre filling and polyurethane casting products.

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Bahrain Rubber Company
A Subsidiary of Haji Hassan Group, was Established in 1991, Bahrain Rubber Company (BRC) is one of the major rubber companies in the GCC region for the manufacture of industrial rubber and polyurethane products.

As experts in supplying rubber products to a host of manufacturing and industrial businesses throughout the region, BRC has built up an unparalleled portfolio of moulded rubber lining extrusion polyurethane foam, tyre filling, and other polyurethane casting products.

BRC is an approved vendor with major oil and gas companies in the GCC region including ARAMCO, SABIC, MARRAFIQ, SEECO, SWCC, SAUDI RAILWAYS, and BAPCO. The company is serving different industrial portfolios such as oil, aluminum, marine, petrol, chemical, glass, steel, pipe, civil, defense, and power.


Bahrain Rubber (BRC) specialized in polymer and Elastomer was established in 1991, with the mission to serve the Oil & Gas sector and related industries in critical and essential problem areas. The core operation in our mission is to Craft solutions and provide services, custom made for industries and businesses, satisfying the client requirements through a focus on a clear understanding of a given problem. Delivering a long-lasting solution with a special regard to safety, adding  value, reliability and trust, paving the way for new markets. 


To be the leading development partner and solutions provider of Polymer/Elastomer for major industrial sectors in the GCC/Mena-region.To seek an increasing mutual understanding with our clients, satisfying their needs through close personal engagement to optimize the needed innovation and key solutions, always improving the approach of production. defining new markets. We strive to become an insperational source for industries by enhancing productivity and safety.



Capitalizing on being the first in the market, we have committed ourselves to a distinctive business opportunity, in an oil-rich region. We have thus the innovation as cornerstone and driver of our enterprise and a dedication to pioneer with the latest technology serving the requirements of ever-evolving industrial sectors. We endeavor to balance the Employees/Shareholders reciprocal and mutual benefit through responsible decision making in an increasingly competitive market.


The common aim and the work of employees, the commitment of shareholders and the organization’s role in the economy, thus bears a mark of the individual and society, “the mark of a person operating within a community of persons” creating an idea of future.


Maintaining a good and safe work environment, and a financially sound company allows us to attract the best, encouraging teamwork, creating an atmosphere where every employee contributes, enjoy and excel in his work.


Our Facility

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BRC uses the latest technology when it comes to machinery


Our Skilled Man power

BRC selects its skilled Workforce and provides  Training for the employees

Our Skills & Expertise

The principal factory is capable of handling the following processes, conveniently and with precision: 

• Compression Moulding. 

• Injection Moulding. 

• Extrusion. 

• Hot feed. 

• CV line extrusion. 

• Rubber lining. 

• Polyurethane casting. 

• Polyurethane Spray.

• Polyurethane tyre foam filling.

• Conveyor Belt Splicing.


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Our History

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Our Story

Bahrain Rubber Company was founded in 1991 by Mohammad Jawad and Faiq Hussein, who understood the need and saw the lack of a rubber manufacturing  in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Bahrain Rubber Was established with the purpose of serving the Oil And Gas industry with rubber solution for the demanding and growing oil and gas market world.

in 1998 Haji Hassan Group Contributed and became a shareholder brining Bahrain rubber under the haji Hassan group.

the manufacturing facility grew and with it the production. BRC grew to be the on stop shop for many industries in both the Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

Bahrain Rubber is now the leading Rubber Manufacturer in Bahrain and is servicing the GCC region with rubber and polyurethane solutions.


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