You'll never want to go back to version one

Saving & Undoing

Changes are saved automatically and you can "undo" in the page builder using revisions

As before you can "discard" everything from the session on page save. If you don't see there were no changes. 

UI and Settings Panel

Instant loading of dialogue boxes (assuming it's not slowed by 3rd party addons)

Dark or light interface (like Photoshop)

The  Settings Panel can be free floating or docked (right and left)  

Dialogue boxes adjustable to the size you prefer and remembers where you placed it.

No need to open and close dialogue boxes




Getting a Handle on the Panel

You can hide the panel and it will re-appear when you click on a module

You can also stretch the panels width (for those with high resolution screens)



Not listed in the page builder: Ctrl or Cmd +P (Publish changes without leaving Page Builder) and Ctrl or Cmd +E  (Re-enter Page Builder after publishing). B shows global settings for the Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder plugin (cheeky aff. link).   Developer types can also make their own shortcuts.

Note: Esc (Escape key) Closes the active window, BUT this shortcut is disabled if there is any risk of data loss, such as Tools settings windows.

And there's more...

1. Set widths in individual rows

2. Duplicate Columns

Final Thoughts

1. If working from a psd perhaps now it would be more efficient to work on the page columns (adding background, padding/margin and responsive setting) before adding modules? 

2.  It maybe worth chunking work and publishing with a Ctrl or Cmd +P.  So you don't have to use revisions or lose everything.  If it's a live site you could use Hugues Audouard's tip on using Templates?

3. It maybe worth doing more Page Layout CSS to keep unique page work faster?

4. It could be worth creating your own shortcuts and checking on the Beaver Builder Knowledge Base for new articles on 2.0?